Our firm regularly represents clients in their dealings with the State and its numerous agencies, including Municipal Authorities, Ministries, Public Services Regulators, and Banking and Securities Superintendences.

We provide continuous and timely assistance to our clients in these increasingly complex proceedings, as we closely follow all legislative and regulatory developments. This information allows us to handle the obtainment of licenses and permits, registrations, certificates, inscriptions, and concessions, while also having the capacity to obtain, copy, translate and certify original documents, file applications, and follow up on our clients’ cases.

Our services, among others, include the following:

  • Public Biddings
  • Commercial and Industrial Registrations
  • Intellectual Property Registrations
  • Fishing Licenses
  • Health and Safety Certificates
  • Public Contracting
  • Professional Licenses for the practice of regulated professions
  • Registrations with the Public Registry and Electoral Tribunal and its agencies
  • Social Security issues
  • Regulating Board for Games and Gambling

In addition, our firm also provides support to clients that are establishing or operating Financial Institutions and Investment Consultancies, together with our Finance and Banking Department and our Capital Markets team.

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