The Communications & Information Technology (CIT) Department is dedicated to helping overcome the legal challenges presented to our clients by the internet, telecommunications, and the new technology industries. The expertise of our CIT lawyers makes ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN the leading law firm in Panama in this area of business, delivering expert tailor-made solutions to e-business and technologies issues.

Our partners hold positions at the Society for New Technologies and Law, which advises the government on legislation and related issues and consequently remain in contact with any existing or imminent developments.

Our CIT team deals with all legal aspects related to:

  • E-commerceTelecommunications
  • Copyright
  • Domain protection
  • Cyber-crimes
  • Data and software protection
  • E-banking
  • Taxation on the Internet
  • Data protection

Past projects include legal advice to the banking sector concerning the establishment of e-banking services, ATMs, software development, software platforms implementation. Our clients in this area include AT&T, Dell Inc., International Bank of Costa Rica, Global Bank Corporation, the National Pensions Fund, and Tecnasa. 


The country has recently entered a period of coordinated activity that is already bearing fruits, making Panama a destination for the telecom industry. Following the deregulation of the market, the state has been committed to backing the sector’s development with new legislation, intensive investment, tax-free status for operations, special labor incentives, and educational grants.

Our team can assist you in establishing the corporate structure that will meet your needs and allow you to benefit in quickly obtaining all the concessions, licenses, and registrations that are required by law to start and operate the business. Likewise, we provide advice in negotiating and drafting interconnection agreements, telecommunications service agreements, tariffs, and confidentiality matters. The firm has negotiated such matters with the incumbent operator Cable & Wireless and Bellsouth (currently Telefónica). We also provide advice on the legal aspects of equipment acquisition and financing techniques.

ICAZA GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN regularly provides advice on various matters relevant to the parties, such as compliance and regulations, competition, consumer protection, privacy, and disputes among suppliers. We have often represented clients before the Telecommunications & Public Services Regulator and the Consumer Association with regards to competition & customer protection matters and mediation processes.

A growth area for the firm has been the Call Center Industry in Panama. One of our representative transactions involved acting for Dell Panama (a subsidiary of Dell Inc.) in what has been recognized as the key deal in the sector, advising them in all stages for the establishment of their call-center in the special economic zone of the former U.S. Air Force Howard Base. The results obtained for our client were advantageous, securing all available public backing, property leases, licensing, and advice on labor issues and financing.

Recently, with the enactment of the Data Protection and Privacy Law in Panama, the firm is also assisting clients with matters related to this area.

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