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I. Preliminary

1.1. ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN is the owner of the web site (the “Web Site”). Use of the Web Site, as well as the use of all the services and content offered on it (“Services” and “Content” respectively) is subject to the present terms and conditions (“General Conditions”) as they are described below.

1.2. The use of the Web Site is free and anyone viewing it is automatically deemed a “User” implying total acceptance of these General Conditions as well as their modifications or other legal disclaimers, which might be published and available on the Web Site and will be deemed to be effective as from their publication on it.

1.3. Certain Services or Content offered on the Web Site may be subject to “Specific Conditions”, also available to the User, that may complement or replace these General Conditions with respect to the use of the particular service to which they refer.

II. Content

2.1. Any information and materials contained in this Web site are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute legal or professional or any other kind of advice, nor do they constitute on offer to supply legal services or to enter in other kind of contract or relationship. In particular it does not imply any lawyer – client, or other such confidential relationship.

2.2 Nothing in this Internet site is intended nor should it be interpreted as in any way sanctioning, advocating or condoning directly or indirectly the commission of any unlawful act or omission by any person or company in any jurisdiction or the use of international corporate structures for any illegal of fraudulent purpose.

2.3. The Content of the Web Site cannot be considered, in any case, as a substitute for legal advice or advice of any other nature. Before taking my action on a legal issue you should obtain appropriate professional advice.

The User should not take any action on the basis of any information contained in the Web Site and ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ- RUIZ & ALEMÁN or any lean entity will not accept any liability for any loss that may arise from reliance on the information of any of its sites, or any other site linked to an lcaza site.

The User is hereby notified that Content may not reflect the most recent legislative or jurisprudential position on the questions addressed. The material may also be changed, deleted, improved or updated unilaterally without prior notice, and without assumption of any responsibility.

2.4. The links to other web sites contained in the Web Site are provided as being of possible interest to the User. ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN and any lean entity, has no type of control over such web sites and therefore cannot be held responsible for their services, content or condition, and accept no liability for the content of any of the internet sites linked to its site nor for any loss that may arise from reliance on any information contained in such sites.

III. Limitation of Liability

3.1. Anyone using this Web Site does so voluntarily and at his or her own risk. ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN does not guarantee or warrant that the Web Site will be uninterrupted, without delay, error-free, omission-free or virus-free. Therefore the Web Site and Content are provided “as is” without warranties of any kind, express or implied, it being understood that in no event will ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN, its partners, collaborators, employees and representatives, agents, or any other of its entities be responsible for any errors or omission which may affect the Content or Services on this Web Site, or for any loss arising out of the use of it, nor for any action undertaken on the basis of the information contained in it.

IV. Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

4.1. Copyright © 2004 ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN. All rights reserved.

4.2. The whole of the Content of this Web Site, whether text, images, sound, files, brands, logos, color combinations, or any other element, its structure and design, the selection and form of presentation of the Content included in it, and the computer programs necessary for its operation, access and use, are protected by rights of industrial and intellectual property, owned by ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN or, as applicable, its licensors, which the User trust respect.

4.3. Permission is given for the temporary storage and reproduction of any Content of the Web Site for private and non-commercial use. The reproduction, permanent storage, and distribution of the Content of the Web Site, or their use for any public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN.

V. Statement of Privacy Policy

5.1. ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN acknowledges that the data of the users of our web site maybe confidential and will take care to protect their privacy. The mere fact that a User visits the ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN web Site does not automatically register any personal data which identify the User. However, certain non-personal information that does not identify the Specific User is collected and recorded in the ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN Internet servers (such as User’s Internet navigator, Uses s operating system, IP address from which the web pages and ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN web Site are accessed) only for Use internal purposes of evaluation, management and improvement of our web site.

5.2. Notwithstanding the above, the User may be requested to provide personal data in order to use certain Contents or Services. This information will be held and processed by ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN in the relevant data bases and files owned by us, in accordance to the purposes for which it is collected. ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN may also use these data to send commercial, legal or any other information that ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN considers to be of interest to the user. Occasionally we may share this data with our other offices worldwide or ether entities associated with us when we deem it necessary. If you do not agree with the above limited use of your data please refrain from submitting any.

5.3. It is understood that any client and/or third party that provides its personal data to ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN does so voluntarily and freely and with his/her express and unequivocal consent to its use in accordance with our lentos and conditions. Nobody is obliged to provide any personal data to the firm, the only consequence of not doing so being that ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN may not be able to provide any service to, or contact such person.

5.4. Any party providing its personal data to ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN has rights of access, correction and objection regarding its personal data. Such rights may be exercised by notice in writing, sent to the registered address of ICAZA, GONZALEZ¬RUIZ & ALEMÁN (see below)

5.5. This privacy statement applies to any collection of data by ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN, by any method, such as written or electronic mail, receipt of business cards, telephone, through a web site or forms.
ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN undertakes to comply with the obligation of confidentiality established by the applicable law in respect of the data contained in its database.
If ICAZA, GONZÁLEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN lays down any particular data protection conditions for any specific service, these will prevail in case of conflict between them and this Data Protection Policy.
ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN reserves its right to modify its Data Protection Policy in accordance with THE applicable law at any time. Any amendment to the Policy will be published on the website, accessible by any person.

VI. Applicable Law

6.1 You agree hereby that all the present General Conditions of Use of the Web Site, the Statement of Privacy Policy and any other relationship between the User and ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMÁN, shall be governed by Panamanian law and you agree to submit any dispute related to (he use of the web site to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Panama.

Copyright © ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN. Al] rights reserved.

VII. Registered address

Panama, Republic of Panama